101 Introduction to Abolition

Abolition 101 is an introductory course that explores the moral crisis of mass punishment and abolitionist responses. The lesson begins with the history of US slavery and the evolution of systems of punishment in the US carceral state. Students will learn about the underground Railroad, slave laws, fugitivity, lynching, convict leasing, segregation, the New Jim Crow, policing, and prisons. In addition, students will explore abolitionist responses and identify political and religious movements…

103 Intersectionality and Abolition

103 Intersectional and Abolition highlights the experiences of Black mothers with punishment, policing, and prisons. Students will engage statistical data and stories that uncover the interlocking systems of oppression that limit and foreclose Black mothers’ human dignity and survival. Using an intersectional approach to abolition and a case study, this lesson centers the experiences of poor Black mothers to imagine freedom futures and flourishing.