A. Learn Terminology

We recognize the dangers of definitions that are often given as absolute, authoritative, and aligned with a colonial agenda rooted in power. We therefore offer the following terminology as interpretations based on our understanding, which is expansive and dialogical. We acknowledge that there are other viewpoints that may challenge, agree, or add to these definitions.

The listed terms are starting points. We invite you to pursue each definition critically for continued communal clarity and conversation.

To facilitate mutuality in knowledge production, we invite you to first capture your initial thoughts using your journal. Then, we offer our definition along with supporting resources for your consideration. Ultimately, we hold space for you to revisit your original definition for a more informed perspective that may or may not change after engaging our interpretation. 

Please refer to the course packet 1 for a list of terminology to explore (30 minutes).

101 Course Pack B1


B. Apply Your Knowledge

Now that you reviewed terms and thought through your own interpretations to arrive at definitions, please complete the Principles quiz and apply your knowledge.


C. Next Up

In the next section, we engage critical analysis of the history of prisons and abolitionist movements.

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